Officials' Recognition & Awards

  • In order to recognize the hard work and dedication of our community of officials, USA Cycling created the Officials’ Hall of Fame, and recently revamped the Official of the Year program.
    • The USA Cycling Officials’ Hall of Fame exists to honor and recognize those officials who embody the spirit of officiating. Moreover, the honorees have made extraordinary contributions to the sport of cycling and its officiating community. Not only have they committed their lives through outstanding and dedicated service, they also delivered those services at a consistently high level of talent and expertise, and demonstrated those qualities at local, national, and international events.
    • The Official of the Year program is set up to recognize those individuals who best represent what it means to be an outstanding official. Within that definition, USA Cycling selects one or more officials who excel in several areas. While technical skills are a consideration, it is just as important that this official works to maintain the continued excellence of the entire community of officials, through mentoring, volunteerism, and a consistently high work ethic.

USA Cycling Official of the Year Program Guide

Andy Taus



With roots as a racer, Andy’s involvement as an official began in the days of the Amateur Bicycle League of America. His strong presence and work resulted in his achieving the rank of UCI International Commissaire, with many international appointments including the Olympics, and World Championships. Andy was selected by the UCI to be involved with the introduction of the Keirin in track racing.

Artie Greenberg



One of the founders of modern officiating in the United States, Artie was instrumental writing and clarifying our regulations and creating an officials’ education curriculum. At the time, he was the youngest UCI International Commissaire in the world. Artie was tragically killed in an auto accident in April of 1981.

Beth Wrenn Estes

Wrenn Estes


Official, instructor, and leader - Beth set high thresholds for those she worked with and led by example. One of just a few female UCI International Commissaires, she was one of the strongest officials of her generation. Beth’s commitment to a strong team, and teamwork, made many races a success. Beth taught upper level officiating for many years influencing countless officials. Beth also served the entire cycling community as the manager of cycling in the ’96 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Bill Lambart



Coming from a generation of tough bike racers, “Billy” often took the approach as an official of letting the race happen. Behind that facade was a keen mind that could anticipate how a race would play out - something that served a generation of officials who trained under him. Bill was a pioneer on the international scene for the US and our race officials.

Dave Miller



As a mentor, teacher, and friend to many current US officials, the “Big Guy” helped to shape a generation. Involved in all disciplines of the sport, Dave was particularly instrumental in developing USA Cycling’s Motoref program. Along with wife Judy, Dave was a fixture at races across the country. Dave’s passing in 2016 left the official’s community heartbroken.

Dean Crandall



While Dean was a national-level cycling official, MTB officiating became his passion and he helped nurture and grow the sport and teach and mentor its officials. Through his involvement in the development of Mountain Biking, including the first World Championship in Durango, Dean can be considered the father of Mountain Bike Officiating in the United States.

Diane Fortini



The New England Bicycle Association created the Diane Fortini Lifetime Service Award for a reason. Diane has been a gift to us all; fellow crew member, teacher, mentor, and friend. For over 25 years, Diane has supported grassroots racing and helped her fellow officials learn the ropes. Recognized as Official of the Year locally, regionally and nationally, Diane achieved the rank of National Commissaire in 2004. She has served USA Cycling in many capacities, including the USCF Board of Trustees in 2008.

Jim Patton



A longtime fixture at races in the mid-Atlantic region as well as nationally, Jim helped mentor multiple generations of officials using the training that he developed as well as his on-site guidance at races. One of the most respected motor officials in the country, Jim also contributed to the sport as racer, coach, mechanic, promoter, team director and as a member of USA Cycling’s Board of Directors.

Joan Durdaller



Affectionately known as “Momma”, Joan was respected by riders and officials alike. When you were at the race, she was your mother and you respected her! An advocate of letting people learn and progress on their own, she was always there to offer advice and assistance. Working with Joan made you feel like you were part of doing your best for the sport.

Paula Grill



Leader, mentor, team player, Paula was renowned as one of the leading judges in the early days of Pro road and track racing. She innovated manual time trial and stage race results tabulations that rivaled computer systems, created the race secretary position for track events, and trained generations of new and experienced officials alike. Her achievements led to her becoming one the first female UCI International Commissaires.